2008031861827_2008031875621.jpg“Ahh! There’s a mouse head in my shrimp chips!” a girl yells aloud.

“Yeah, right. Shrimp chips always come with a couple pieces of mice in them,” laughs the listener.

Occurrences like these would have been unimaginable back when I used to eat shrimp chips as a child. Unfortunately, today, that’s not necessarily the case. Numerous “unidentified” items are being found in foods that customers consume often. Is it simply a mistake or has our society become careless about the cleanliness of the foods?

Back in the 1990’s when lots of new snacks were being made for kids to enjoy, the sanitization was one of the major aspects to take care of since these were mostly consumed by the children. Regular inspections and maintaining the clean environment in factories were common sense.

mr-clean.jpgWhat kind of dramatic things could have happened in the last decade that changed around the conception of the seriousness of sanitization? It wasn’t only the “shrimp chips” case that shocked the consumers, but there were other cases where a piece of metal came out of sweet crackers, needle stuck in sandwich breads, and even a block of rubber dunked in orange juice. How can customers feel comfortable feeding their children or their families if so many risks are involved in buying convenient snacks? Another thing that concerns the moms especially is the fact that these “unidentified” objects are found in kids’ snack packages for the most part.

There have been many complaint-calls to the corporates that wrapped the unsanitized edible products, yet the actions that they take are just as careless as the products they bring out to the public. The corporate heads order their employees to politely apologize to the customers and collect the evidence, and as a bonus, hand out free boxes of the product the victims (customers) have consumed.

“We don’t want more products that we feel uncomfortable with,” is what the buyers’ claim. “We want a guarantee or the fullest effort of not making these types of mistakes again, but the corporate workers always tend to go around the subject and never confront it properly.”

Who knows when the battle between the consumers and the corporates will end? The only solution for now is to watch out for whatever it is that you’re eating.


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