On My Way Out

Some of us have got it, but some of us are still wandering in the never-ending maze.

It’s been a while since second semester has started, which means that I’ve been in this class for about 5 months. Although the initial goal of this class was to connect with the world and to share variety of ideas, the plan did not quite work out. For the most part, it could have been due to all the new stuff that we encountered with as well as the confusion that came along with it.

maze.jpgI think I’m at a point where I see the way out, but not exactly there yet. Lately, I’ve been trying to write blogs frequently and make connections with others. Fortunately, I have been getting some feedbacks based on my posts on this blog as well as my other blog. I’ve contacted them as well and was able to hear more of what they thought of my writings.

Through the long journey, I wondered at times if I would be able to do something meaningful like others in this class. I began to think whether it was a mistake to break off with the group that I was in, in the beginning because figuring out the way out of the maze alone was too difficult for me. But, these are the times when one can feel motivated and think that he/she CAN do this alone with a little help from others.

What I’ve learned from making connections with the rest of the world is that I shouldn’t wait for them to find me and reach me. I have to be the one to step up and approach them first. It’s surprising how I haven’t thought of this earlier. It’s nice to hear from unknown people who visit my blogs of their own interests, but that doesn’t happen very often unless I yell it out to the world. Being active within this online network community is necessary and beneficial not only for the sake of grades, but also to improve my writing skills.

Even though I didn’t get as far with the project as much as I would have liked to, I think I’ll be able to accomplish something that I haven’t done yet: the interview. This is what really shows that I’m on my way out of this maze. I’m starting to get the hang of this whole project. The time is set up for Wednesday morning during class. I’m going to be interviewing Diane Cordell from New York. Her and I have been in contact for a couple days and she seems to have lots of interesting things in her minds.

Hopefully, one day I’ll be able to escape this maze and look back and say, “I’ve done it.”


2 Responses to On My Way Out

  1. jennylu says:

    Hi Steph,
    You’re learning. You added me as a contact on Twitter, and naturally, I’ve come to visit your blog to check you out. I’ll start following you too, and maybe I can help you find a way to reach out and touch the world. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head here; you have to initiate things -the world isn’t going to find you just because you’re you. I’m happy to help you- Mr. Burell has halped me a lot to find my feet in this online world. Without him, I wouldn’t have made the contacts I’ve made in the last few months. Reach out and the world will respond.
    Jenny Luca.

  2. diane says:


    It was a pleasure talking with you last night. I look forward to reading your blog, as you move forward with this project. Be sure to include lots of personal anecdotes – that’s what sets your postings apart and gives us the “flavor” or your life…and food!


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