The Sweet Meltdown

April 21, 2008

The RED LIGHT is ON!” I yell aloud in the car.

“What red light? What do you mean, sweetheart?” my parents ask with their raised eyebrows.

“Th..the RED LIGHT, Krispy Kreme! The RED LIGHT is on! We can get free hot doughnuts if we go in now!”

Yes, Krispy Kreme doughnuts are greasy, fattening, and unhealthy, but they are just too tasty to stay away from. Of course, having these often would be bad, but once in a while, don’t you think that you deserve delightful treats like these? Look at them, they’re so pretty, shiny, perfect in shape. They’re edible jewels! How can you say no to heavenly halos like the Krispy Kreme doughnuts?

I usually get very inpatient when watching the doughnuts being made through the see-through glass window at the store. The machine releases four raw ringed-doughnuts at a time into the puddle of oil. Once they are fried on both sides, they go through what I like to call, the ‘sugary glaze fall’. Coating front and back, all over the freshly fried doughnuts. Then they cool down for a bit until the coating hardens and then… Into my big mouth it goes!!! I love it when I get to taste the fresh doughnuts.

Out of all the fantastic doughnuts that Krispy Kreme sells, the ‘original glaze’ has to be everyone’s favourite, including me

But, besides the delicious original glazed, I fell in love in another variation of Krispy Kreme here in Seoul, Korea. The PINK STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE DOUGHNUTS.

It is filled with cheesecaky goodness that leads me right to heaven. I don’t think it’s out in many other franchises, but I sure am lucky to be living in a country that has it.