Hi, Nice to Meet You

June 9, 2008

Listen to our talk here.

I’ve done it. I’ve accomplished my goal. But this is just a start.

Just a couple days ago, I recorded my first interview with Diane Cordell, a librarian from New York. It made me realize that organizing interviews weren’t as hard as I thought. All it took was confidence, but I guess it took me a while to find it.

The conversation flowed very smoothly and everything went great. Diane answered my questions with gentle and kind tone which got rid of my nervousness at once. Since I met her through Twitter, I asked her opinions of network learning opposed to the old-fashioned learning method of listening to teachers the whole time. Her replies showed positiveness towards that idea. Learning and interacting through different people from different backgrounds sounded very educational to Diane.

education.jpgThen I raised up a concern about encountering unknown people through online. One of my biggest fears was to contact people without knowing what kind of people they were. Diane suggested that the environment that I’m involved in – with a teacher’s supervision – should be pretty safe. The project that I’m working on deals with education which means that I’m mostly interacting with people who are willing to learn. Learners love new ideas.

Through this interview, I learned that Diane is not only a learner, but also a learner who loves to share her knowledge. It was a great start of interacting with more people in the future.